Hi!  I’m Kathleen (Kathy, Kath, Kat) and I’m a woman on a mission.   Fortunate enough to have been raised in the “eco-friendly” mecca of Boulder, Colorado, you could say my blood runs green and I want to turn yours green, too.  I currently reside in New Jersey (not so green but I’m working on it!) with my hubby and two beautiful Boxers.  Animals and nature are my “thing”, so I love living the green lifestyle and doing everything I can to make a difference for our planet.  God, family and friends are my heart and soul.  I am also incredibly grateful to have a serious streak of creativity that needs an outlet.  So, between singing at church, running this blog and my Etsy stores, while still going to a 9-5 job, I’m a busy girl!

I want to be your guide in all things sustainable.  Through upcycled craft projects and organic gardening, to DIY natural beauty products and health tips, I want to raise awareness without showing you the ugly side of environmental issues.  I mean, we’ve all seen the heartbreaking photos of animals covered in oil from the BP oil spill and the toxic mounds of trash in the local dump, so I won’t be going “there” on this blog (or I’ll try not!).  I’ll do my best to break it down and show you how you can make a difference in your corner of the world.  You’ll see that going green can be fun while being invaluable to our planet, it’s creatures and the human race as a whole.

Green is the new happy!


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