favorite projects from the past

Here are some of my favorite projects I’ve done.

1. Vintage hanky modesty panel in my jeans skirt: http://deepgreenlove.com/day-169-must-be-modest/

2. My reading nook in my guest bedroom: http://deepgreenlove.com/day-161-the-long-awaited-nook/

3. My painted lampshade was one of my faves for sure! http://deepgreenlove.com/day-50-painted-lampshade/

4. Coasters made with mosaic tiles (a lot of people liked this on on Pinterest!): http://deepgreenlove.com/day-47-fun-with-mosaic-tiles/

5. Birdnest wire pendant necklaces: http://deepgreenlove.com/day-25-birdnests/

6. Shell ornaments: http://deepgreenlove.com/day-274-blinged-out-shells/

7. My nautical centerpiece for Christmas dinner: http://deepgreenlove.com/day-274-blinged-out-shells/

8. I love paper garland and pennants – here are some year round garlands: http://deepgreenlove.com/day-9-year-round-garlands/

9. Mod podged thrift store things: http://deepgreenlove.com/sealed-with-a-coat-of-mod-podge/

10. Cute, yellow floral wallhanging that I put Christmas lights in: http://deepgreenlove.com/week-2-project-all-finished/

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