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Wow, it’s been a long time since I was able to spend quality time writing and blogging…I’ve missed it and I’ve missed you!  What has taken some of my focus recently has been the awesome opportunity I was offered to become the Lifestyle Contributor for the interior design blog, Tastefully Inspired.  I am honored to become a part of their family – it’s been like “coming home” in a sense for me as a writer.  I get to write about topics I love and care about and share with their growing community.  So, I hope you’ll stop by and check out their blog and the talented writers there.

In the meantime, I have also managed to break my foot (don’t ask…but it involved strands of Christmas lights and a nasty missing of the front porch step) which has led me to a lot of sitting around pondering life over mugs of tea and also, to the topic for today; golden turmeric milk.  Although turmeric has been used around the world for thousands of years, we silly Americans used it primarily in yellow mustard that we slather on hot dogs and not for the amazing health benefits it boasts.  This potent spice makes some remarkable claims.  Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, I am using it as a tea to help with the inflammation surrounding my broken bone.  However, it has proven results in everything from arthritis and heartburn, to some biggies such as Alzheimers and cancer.  Here is a brief list of several other maladies it can help with:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Liver problems


Menstrual problems

Many skin conditions (when applied topically)

helps cholesterol

can inhibit the spread of HIV

My Naturopath gave me this recipe for “golden milk” and I love it.  You will want to eat turmeric or drink it (as much as possible) instead of using supplemental pills due to it’s bioavailability, which makes it easier to absorb (although gel caps are best).  So, follow the recipe below and enjoy the spicy tasting beverage.  And please don’t skip the pepper!  I know it sounds weird, but it enhances the absorption by up to 1000 times.  Also, you will want to hit up your local Indian food store or Whole Foods; somewhere that offers turmeric in bulk because otherwise, you’ll go through a lot of tiny bottles from your spice cabinet.

Golden Milk

1 ts Turmeric Paste (*see below)

1 c organic coconut milk

1 ts unrefined organic coconut oil

1 ts raw honey added at the very end

Mix in a saucepan over medium/low heat until mixed and warm.  Add the raw honey and then pour into your favorite mug.

*Turmeric Paste

1/4 c turmeric powder

1/2 c filtered water

1 ts black pepper

Mix over low heat until it forms a thick paste.  Stores for up to 4 weeks in the fridge.  Mine got thick really quick, so if it’s still too watery after about 2 minutes, you will need to add more of the spice.


turmeric tea
that lovely golden goop makes for a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement
golden milk
A nice, spicy beverage, perfect for any time of year



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