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Although I received the CompoKeeper as a gift to review, all opinions are strictly my own.

Earlier this week, I provided you with an amazing recipe for Gluten Free and Vegan Carrot Cake Muffins; just the perfect thing to do with all the leftover carrots going bad in your fridge.  Today, I am going to give you another tool for your arsenal in the war against food waste.  Enter, my new bff in the kitchen, the CompoKeeper!  This little beauty works magic for those of us who hate wasting food.  So, if you end up having to toss it for whatever reason, at least now you can put your conscience at ease by composting it.  And if you’re new to composting, I have a Composting 101 post coming up, so stay tuned to learn all about the “black gold” your gardening friends are talking about and how important composting is.  I know it’s especially hard in some parts of the country that barely even recycle, but if you have a yard or even a patio, you can compost and I will show you how.  The object of this specific product in today’s post is to make it easy to collect your kitchen scraps and then transfer them to your outside composting bin or curbside collection receptacle.  (Darn, I’m still feeling the sting that New Jersey doesn’t compost, sigh.)

Back to the introduction of this pretty, red container next to my sink area.  I received my CompoKeeper after choosing red, (of course) from the variety of 4 colors they offer, along with some biodegradable bags and 2 activated carbon filters which help control the odor.  I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to get it operational.  I mean, insert the filter inside the lid, drop in a bag and smooth it around the edges.  Bingo!  So, after I had a chance to play with my new toy, I had the privilege of speaking with one of the creators of the CompoKeeper, Kristen Hess.  Kristen is a fresh, young face in the environmentally friendly products community and I enjoyed learning how she and her father, Van Hess, created it.  Their mission is simple; to eliminate all that stinks about composting and to make this eco-friendly practice second nature for all individuals, families and friends.  Keep it clean.  Make it easy. 

If you’re worried about it being messy, it’s not.  That’s why they created this specifically with you in mind.  And if you’re worried about fruit flies or bugs, you won’t have to worry about that either.  Trust me, my kitchen in the Jersey humidity does not smell or look awesome on most days, so it’s very refreshing to be able to compost and not have pesky gnats flying around my bins.

Putting in the bag, easy!
Putting in bag, easy!

Let’s take a more in depth look at The CompoKeeper and what they have to say.  

The CompoKeeper is an innovative solution to the problem of in-home composting. The bin’s patented technology makes it second nature for anyone to ‘keep it clean’ while composting kitchen scraps. Aside from being a great composting tool, the product benefits also make this odor controlling receptacle smart for storing diapers, pet waste, and other smelly trash.  (Yikes, did that really say pet waste?  I’ll have to try that, but I’m thinking I’ll need another 6 bins…a bin for each day of the week for these poop monsters, lol! (Mugsy and Tiger below)




Odors are controlled through the bag sealing clamps, holes for improved air circulation, its stylized lid and a carbon filter. By sealing in the odors and filtering any smell before it reaches the kitchen, fruit flies stay away.


The six gallon capacity allows for more storage and fewer trips to the bin or backyard pile. Easy bag removal tote holds the bag and when the bag is full, keeps the bag from ripping or dripping during trips to the outdoor bin.


Ergonomic floor-standing profile makes for easy kitchen integration. The CompoKeeper can be stored on the floor or tucked away under counters or in sliding drawers with the optional hand lever.

Here’s a funny story; I had the unfortunate task of cleaning up my floor (yes I know my kitchen is carpeted, eeww, but I’m working on that!) after leaving my first bag in the bin so long that I had some nice compost soup on the bottom in the tray and I sloshed it out on the floor – I guess we had some potent stuff for the bacteria to do their decomposition jig on!  So, make sure you don’t let it pile up too long.  Plus the biodegradable bags are more delicate than regular plastic and they are “edible” to the bacteria.  Thus, the soggy mess in my kitchen due to owner incompetence. 😉  And on a side note, please don’t try to compost meat or dairy scraps in your own bins; it may contain harmful bacteria.  In order to break down safely, it has to be composted at much higher temperatures that are usually only found in commercial composting facilities.

If you’d like more information about the CompoKeeper, please check out one of my favorite retailers, 1908 Brands.  My buddy, Steve Savage, who owns this company is one of the most fierce eco warriors I know.  His movement in the natural products industry started way ahead of its time with Eco-Products, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado, which I have a special affinity for (another blog post to come!) and now 1908 Brands is a continuation of his dedication to sustainability and the future of the industry.

Green CompoKeeper
Green CompoKeeper
Compokeeper Accessories
Compokeeper Accessories
Beautiful scraps ready to compost
Beautiful scraps ready to compost

So, thank you to Kristen Hess of CompoKeeper and Craig Spalding from 1908 Brands for all the information today.  Keep up the great work and I will keep on loving my CompoKeeper and spreading the good word!

Don’t forget to come back for lesson time next week with Composting 101.  You’ll see the thousands of red wigglers we store in sissy’s basement in our worm farm and we’ll get dirty in the garden!

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To read about 1908 Brands:

*All images and information regarding the CompoKeeper used exclusively with permission from CompoKeeper and 1908 Brands.



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