Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue

Today you are in for a real treat!  My dear friend Jamie, I like to call her my “Colorado Mama”, has given me some help writing this post featuring the Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue.  She and her hubby Jim, my “Colorado Papa”, have recently adopted two adorable kitties from this organization based in Colorado.  The more she told me about them, the more I realized I just had to write about them and share what these wonderful people are doing for rescued cats in Colorado!  Deb Shrieves and her husband, Geoff, started the rescue in 1998 and have been saving these hard-to-place cats ever since.

Jamie, take it away!

“I recently became acquainted with a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue who has their gift shop and a small area to meet some of their foster cats in Superior, Colorado.  I visited with the founder of Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue (RMSR), Deb Shrieves.  As of late, they have been working to rescue cats and kittens from New Mexico and bordering states.  The New Mexico shelters are kill organizations and the ones they are working with only hold cats for 7 days prior to euthanasia.  New Mexico does not have low cost veterinary care so providing for even just spay and neuter services is not feasible.  RMSR provides for the proper exams and required paperwork to bring cats across the state line and arranges transport here.  They then take care of all the medical needs, assessment, and foster them in our area.

I went to a RMSR foster home to meet 4 five month old kittens that came here from NM.  The medical care, socialization, and spay/neuter was done prior to offering these kids for adoption.  I was so impressed with these kittens.  They were healthy, playful, and happy.   RMSR, with its foster home network does a commendable job with feline rescue!

Although RMSR’s focus is to rescue Siamese and other oriental breeds, they will accept and rescue other breeds of cats when resources allow.  For example, when rescuing a litter, they will take the entire litter even if some do not have the “Siamese looks” and they will sometimes rescue other breeds when assisting with large scale hoarding cases.  Why do they rescue Siamese?  The founder has a special place in her heart for Siamese as she had Siamese cats growing up and experienced precious bonds with them.  Also, Siamese tend not to do well in shelters and so transitioning these sweet kitties into foster homes is the more kind way to rescue and place them in their forever homes.

kittens from the Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue
Stache and a litter mate, Trinity


In addition to being able to meet some of the organization’s foster cats, their Coal Creek Drive location contains a gift shop which is a valued source of funding for RMSR.  They sell lots of items like cards, stationery, cat toys, cat beds, jewelry, t-shirts, mugs, (not just kitty stuff) and new items are being added regularly.  Please stop by to browse and shop to support RMSR if you’re in the area.  They are staffed by volunteers and so they are only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon to 5:00 PM (dependent on volunteer availability). You can also purchase gifts and support them online.  The links below are important sources of funding such as using Amazon Smile’s program.  By using the link below, all Amazon purchases will help to benefit RMSR.  This does not affect your pricing, Amazon donates a percentage of their profits to your designated charity.

So, if you are in the market to expand your four-legged family or just want to help support an animal rescue organization with a presence in Superior, Colorado, please consider RMSR.  They are also in need of volunteers and foster homes.”

Thanks, Jamie!


a rescued cat
Here is Chloe, previously known as Butterfly


Here’s a link to Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue appearing on the Colorado & Co TV show: 



Please support these wonderful people and all they are doing for these sweet creatures.  By donating to them or purchasing items from the links below, you will be helping them to get more cats off the streets and out of shelters.

Amazon Smile:

Just select RMSR as your AmazonSmile charity and each time you shop through AmazonSmile, they’ll donate a percentage of your order to RMSR. Here’s the link:


Shopping at iGive helps support RMSR with every purchase! (


Use   – they’re powered by Yahoo!, and every time you search, choose RMSR as your charity and they will get .01 cents! If enough of you use it regularly, then RMSR can really earn some cash for the kitties! Please give it a try!


Facebook page:



Thank you, Deb, Geoff and your team for the awesome work you are doing to save cats and kittens everywhere.  You are angels!!!


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